2013 : Almeria to Sevilla

We took the train to Euston and then had to battle our way through London to Victoria. The recommended route passes through Hyde Park but today it was packed with people, possibly down for tomorrow’s marathon. A few tents had been erected and it was fruitless trying to use the cycle path. It took longer than we anticipated, and even then we had trouble finding the station entrance because of all the rebuilding work. The Gatwick Express whisked us to the airport where we availed ourselves of the useful facility to check in our bikes and hold luggage for tomorrow’s early flight. Preparing the bikes consists of removing the pedals, twisting the handlebars to be flush with the frame, partially deflating the tyres and wrapping it in a bag. We then had to have the bikes scanned, but since they wouldn’t quite fit the scanner we had to take them to the security desk for them to be scanned by hand. After completing the rigmarole, we walked to the nearby Travelodge.

01: Sun 21st April     Almeria to Cabo de Gata (33 km)
02: Mon 22nd April     Day ride from Cabo de Gata (38 km)
03: Tue 23rd April     Cabo de Gata to Alhama de Almeria (54 km)
04: Wed 24th April     Alhama de Almeria to Bayarcal (57 km)
05: Thu 25th April     Bayarcal to Guadix (57 km)
06: Fri 26th April     Guadix to Granada (59 km)
07: Sat 27th April     A day in Granada
08: Sun 28th April     Granada to Alcala la Real (50 km)
09: Mon 29th April     Alcala la Real to Priego de Cordoba (30 km)
10: Tue 30th April     Priego de Cordoba to Cordoba (109 km)
11: Wed 1st May        A day in Cordoba
12: Thu 2nd May        Cordoba to Hornochuelos (55 km)
13: Fri 3rd May        Hornochuelos to Constantina (63 km)
14: Sat 4th May        Constantina to Sevilla (88 km)
15: Sun 5th May        A day in Sevilla
16: Mon 6th May     A second day in Sevilla
17: Tue 7th May     A third day in Sevilla
18: Wed 8th May     Visit to Italica (39 km)