2015 : Walney to Wear and connections

This year’s cycling holiday was planned in a rush as we were preoccupied with Christine’s ailing father, followed by making funeral arrangements. We settled on a route involving taking the bikes to Carlisle by train, riding north-east to join the Sustrans Coast and Castles route to Berwick-on-Tweed then along part of NCN1 to Sunderland before returning to the west coast by riding the Walney to Wear route in reverse.

Click on “Train to Carlisle” to start.

01: Wed 1st July Train to Carlisle 7 miles
02: Thu 2nd July Carlisle to Newcastleton 41 miles
03: Fri 3rd July Newcastleton to Innerleithen 55 miles
04: Sat 4th July Traquair House
05: Sun 5th July Innerleithen to Berwick on Tweed 60 miles
06: Mon 6th July Berwick on Tweed to Alnwick 50 miles
07: Tue 7th July Alnwick to Whitley Bay 41 miles
08: Wed 8th July Whitley Bay to Durham 41 miles
09: Thu 9th July Durham
10: Fri 10th July Durham to Brownber 63 miles
11: Sat 11th July Brownber to Arnside 40 miles
12: Sun 12th July Arnside to Walney Island 52 miles
13: Mon 13th July Day off
14: Tue 14 July Back home from Arnside 7 miles