2010 : Ulster

The Gweebarra estuary, Donegal
The Gweebarra estuary, Donegal

Ulster comprises nine counties: Antrim, Armagh, Down, Fermanagh, Londonderry, and Tyrone constitute Northern Ireland, while Cavan, Donegal, and Monaghan are part of the Republic of Ireland. We spent two weeks cycling through the province, up the Antrim coast from Larne, past the Giants Causeway, into County Donegal and finally back through the Sperrins to Portadown for the train and ferry back home.

01: Wed 2nd June     Home to Ballycarry            10 miles
02: Thu 3rd June     Larne to Ballycastle          46 miles
03: Fri 4th June     Rathlin Island                15 miles
04: Sat 5th June     Ballycastle to Port Stewart   26 miles
05: Sun 6th June     Port Stewart to Malin Head    46 miles
06: Mon 7th June     Malin Head to Buncrana        44 miles
07: Tue 8th June     Buncrana to Dunfanaghy        50 miles
08: Wed 9th July     Dunfanaghy to Erigall         22 miles
09: Thu 10th July    Erigall to Glencolumcille     51 miles
10: Fri 11th July    Glencolumcille to Killibegs   28 miles
11: Sat 12th July    Killibegs to Ballyboffey      47 miles
12: Sun 13th July    Ballyboffey to Gortin         40 miles
13: Mon 14th July    Gortin to Dungannon           54 miles
14: Tue 15th July    Back home                     24 miles