Strbske Pleso

We left Zdiar at 09:30 and enjoyed a long downhill run with views of fast flowing mountain rivers and tall trees. We turned off route 66 onto one of those odd roads that appear to be level but are actually at a gradient so it was quite slow until we reached Stary Smokovec whose supermarket looked to be better stocked than that at our destination. When we came out it was raining, so we lunched at the adjacent restaurant rather than trying to prepare and eat sandwiches in the wet. We also had a conversation with a young French cycle camper, making a long ambitious trip for his first.

The Tatra Railway runs from here to Strbske Pleso so we saved ourselves time and a long climb by boarding the tram. At the penultimate station, we noticed lots of people waiting to board, and almost everyone preparing to alight. Another passenger explained that the train was terminating there, with the dreaded rail replacement bus taking us on to the end. Luckily the driver was willing to take our bikes as the last section was steep with frequent single traffic working for repairs.

We found our apartment with a well equipped kitchenette and cooked for ourselves.

Day hike from Strbske Pleso