Shopping and Fetlar

Shetland pony.

We shared six oatcakes with peanut butter for breakfast, after which we were out of food. Today’s plan was to take the ferry to Fetlar, I volunteered to ride back to Baltasound for food and rest my ankle in the afternoon while Chistine and Rowan visited Fetlar. I’d fitted my Thorn Raven bike with a new type of toeclip from Restrap but had never really got used to them. I think the twisting action to get my foot in had strained my left ankle which was swollen and reddened. I removed them and rode north with plain flat pedals, this time trying Skiboul stores.

You’re never sure what to expect with these remote village shops, some are sparsely stocked and others are surprisingly big with an excellent range. Skiboul was one of the latter, with such items as tofu, almond milk and pesto on its shelves. They were low on fruit and veg which is delivered on Tuesdays and the bread was disappointing but otherwise an excellent shop. In addition to the essential food I bought a bottle of Auld Rock dark ale, produced by the Valhalla brewery which we’d passed yesterday.

Christine and Rowan enjoyed their visit to Fetlar, arriving back at 17:45, after which I cooked.

14 miles

Gardiesfauld to Lerwick