Sheringham to Norwich

The Old Post Office

An easy day’s cycling with nothing much of note on the way, though I crashed after skidding on a patch of sand on the road, escaping with a cut finger and a sore wrist. We stopped to admire a church and the old post office opposite. The owner came out for a chat and told us it had ceased to be a post office in 1968 but the building dates from 1725.

We’d been looking forward to our first visit to Norwich, having been told it’s an interesting city but found it less appealing than other old cities such as Durham, York and Chester. There’s an attractive shopping arcade and some old streets but the castle is closed for extensive renovations. The modern buildings are a messy ugly hotchpotch and there’s a neglected feel to the place.

We researched places to eat and settled on Wagamama but there was a wait of half an hour for a table so we opted for the next door Greek restaurant.

42.8 km (27 miles), 345 m of ascent

East Anglia Transport Museum