East Anglia Transport Museum

Two trams and a trolleybus

Christine spent the day looking round Norwich while Rowan and I caught the 09:20 X22 bus to the East Anglia Transport Museum’s 50th anniversary event. We had forty minutes to wait until the 11:00 opening but could photograph the old buses in the sunshine while we waited.

The rain started a few minutes before we entered and was heavy for a time, during which we rode on the preserved trams and trolleybuses. As expected, it was a popular event which got busier in the afternoon when the rain had cleared. Lots to see, with old shop window displays, road signs and static buses. We also had a ride on the narrow gauge railway behind a Simplex diesel. The only surviving vehicle from the Southwold Railway which closed in 1929 was on display, a luggage van.

We caught the 15:08 bus back, arriving at the Travelodge about twenty minutes before Christine. 

Norwich to Wethersfield