Calvi to Galeria


We rose at 07:30 but it was 10:00 by the time we’d breakfasted and packed the tent away. We rode the short distance into Calvi and climbed up the steep steps to inspect the Citadelle, the oldest part of town with its narrow streets. Then down to the harbour before taking the coast road to Galeria and enjoying the wonderful coastal scenery – rocks and beaches. The warm sunshine gave way to cloud when we struck inland along the quiet road. We saw a few cyclists and motorcyclists but not many cars.

Rowan sustained a puncture as we entered the small village of Galeria so the other two went off to check out the the shopping and accommodation options while I repaired it. They didn’t like the look of the campsite so we opted for the Gite d’Étape, busy with walkers, which allowed camping. Rather than eat out, we bought salads for dinner since we were still having trouble finding a gas cylinder to fit our stove.

We spent the rest of the evening in the Gite bar writing postcards. The owner was surprised I ordered a demi-litre of beer, considering this to be a large quantity – it’s less than a pint! The owners were very friendly and we also chatted to a German couple who’d been walking but since hired a car as they found the walking very taxing.

Day 6: Galeria to Porto