Laguna Chiguay to Villa Cerro Castillo


The day started cold so we wore all our warm clothes to make porridge and tea for breakfast. We made a late start but the temperature soon climbed and we had to shed clothing, developing into a beautiful sunny day and hot by the time we reached Villa Cerro Castillo.

We enjoyed fabulous scenery on the way, rivers and spiky snow covered mountains. We passed and re-passed a young Colorado/South Africa couple a year into a tour of South America with a couple of months still to go.

Villa Cerro Castillo is where the sealed surface ends and the dusty ripio begins, and we reached it early enough to consider making a start on it as there’s a campsite after 11km but we needed to do some clothes washing. We rented a cabaña for the night at 45,000 pesos, well appointed and the owner, Eliana, was very friendly and helpful and we hung out our washing on her line.

Villa Cerro Castillo to wild camping site