Tunte walk

Christine in the mountains

The panaderia opens at 06:30, sells pan integrale and you can even have an espresso there, so I popped out for bread for breakfast and lunch. After breakfast in the courtyard we set off for a 14 km circular walk. Initially it was hard work in the heat as we gently ascended but it didn’t get any hotter. We enjoyed the high level hike with views of the dramatic rugged scenery and sparsely covered impossibly steep slopes.

We touched the GC60 at Cruz Grande and almost immediately left it for the long downward trek along the restored Camino Real into the village. Tunte is the town name in the indigenous Guanche language which now exists only in a few place names and a few words that have been absorbed into the local Spanish. The official name of the village is San Bartolome but locals generally refer to it as Tunte. We dropped off our bags and called in at the bar. The local Tropical lager is not highly rated by beer connoisseurs but perfectly performs the job of refreshment on a warm sunny day.

Pico de los Nieves