Restful day at Ajaccio

CorsicaI slept well and rose to greet another warm sunny day. I cycled the two or three kilometres to the boulangerie to buy breakfast bread and croissants. They also served coffee so I sneaked a crafty cup before returning, then we all had breakfast. The campsite is off a road leading only to the beaches and the end of the headland and at 07:00 it carried more joggers than motorists. Next we shopped for food and then rode out to the Genoese tower at the end, the road by now being busier with tourists, many of them on bikes. We followed the waymarked path to the base of the tower, it’s not possible to enter it. We admired the view of the four granite Îles Sanguinaires. The largest is topped with a lighthouse while another one hosts a disused semaphore station.

We cycled back towards Ajaccio, stopping to eat on the first beach we encountered, followed by a lovely refreshing swim. There was nowhere much to walk here so we rode another kilometre or so to the next one which was longer. The beaches were busy, mainly with locals, this being a Sunday, and we heard only French spoken. It was a perfect setting, golden sand contrasting with the rocks and the clear blue sky and sea. We swam again, then continued to Ajaccio to view the scene around the harbour and watched the giant SNCM ferry arrive and turn round through 180 degrees to dock next to a huge cruise liner, the pair dwarfing the numerous small craft. There were lots of tourists but also fishing baskets lining the quayside to remind us that this is a workplace too.

Then back for our last, and very late, campsite dinner and our last taste of Corsican wine and the gorgeous Pietra beer made with chestnuts. We spoke to a lone woman cyclist from Oregon who was about to start her holiday as we finished ours. We laughed when she asked us about wind direction, as compared with back home there was no wind here!

Day 21: Ajaccio to Nice by boat