Puerto de Mogan

Windmill and large kitchen items

Breakfast was included, with soya and rice milk as well as dairy for cereal, bread, spreads, fruit and orange juice (from concentrate). We left soon after 09:00 with a detour to find a panaderia which had good reviews on google but didn’t appear to exist. As we were grinding our way up the long hill out of the town, we were stopped by a man loading bananas onto a lorry who gave us a bunch… organic too! At times the gradient was too steep for our laden bikes and we had to resort to pushing.

We paused for a rest at a road junction and spoke to two Austrian roadies who were waiting for the rest of their group, they were undertaking a 140 km circuit. From here it was mainly downhill to Mogan, stopping at a roadside stall near Las Azulejos de Veneguera for a lovely drink of papaya, orange and banana juice. We were joined by an older couple of cyclists from Skipton, on the island for two weeks and staying at Puerto de Mogan, our destination. The green, red, orange and purple colours of the azulejos were formed over 13 million years ago at the tip of a vast volcano when superheated steam and gas reacted with iron in the rock and have been uncovered by road building and erosion.

We also stopped to look at a restored windmill with its cactus garden containing large versions of kitchen utensils made for the annual fiesta. At Mogan we stopped for a lunch of nuts, apples and two of the complimentary bananas and carried on down to the Puerto. We checked into our apartment at the Blue Explorers Dive Resort and walked down to the centre, busy with tourists walking around the pretty streets and sunbathing on the beach. We passed a large supermarket on the way so called in for provisions on our return.

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