Picnic area by the cycle path.

We had an early breakfast and luckily there was a bakery close by where we could buy rolls and hummus for lunch. We left Hotel Iberia but not at Iberian temperature and were soon out of Opava heading east. We had around 100 km again but about a third of yesterday’s ascent so an easier day but we didn’t arrive until 18:30 as we were still tired.

We were so impressed with the active travel paths in the Czech Republic and Poland. A long stretch of old railway in Poland had been repurposed with assistance from the European Union, featuring a smooth broad tarmac surface and every few kilometres a covered picnic area with tables, seating, bike racks and litter bins.

At the border, marked only by signs, we had a brief chat with an old German man who crossed the road for a chat. The last stretch was along a busy road leading to the motorway but a broad cycle path had been laid alongside. Pszczyna was buzzing with music and market stalls but we had to walk to Lidl so we could cook dinner. We stayed in another well appointed apartment, the owners left us a complimentary bottle of white wine from their vineyard, which was lovely, fresh and light with a floral bouquet.