Ajaccio to Porto Pollo

The beach at Porto Pollo
The beach at Porto Pollo

It was an easy start along the flat sea front, through the city and along the dual carriageway, which wasn’t too busy and eventually onto the D55 coast road through the resort of Porticcio on the Golfe d’Ajaccio. We caught up with a German cyclist we’d met at the campsite. He was unsure where to head for but decided on Porto Pollo too when we told him there was a campsite there, listed in our guide as being open from May. We paused for the usual picnic of bread and local cheese by the beach at Plage de Verghja. It was still sunny but cooler than yesterday with a pleasantly fresh breeze.

We had to work hard after lunch as the road drifted a few kilometres inland to take a more direct but hillier course. This was reminiscent of British cycling, undulating and with a few steep sections in contrast to the long ups and long downs to which we’d become accustomed. The D55 had become the D155 by now, and we branched off it to ride to the end of a short spur which terminated at Porto Pollo. The campsite hadn’t yet opened for the season, which didn’t worry us unduly as we were ready for another break from the tent and since the supermarket opened only from 08:30 to 12:30 we’d have to dine out anyway. Our German friend was not so sanguine, being on a strict budget, and was determined to find somewhere to camp.

We passed a hotel charging €55 for a room for the three of us and settled on L’hôtel de Golfe where we were quoted €60 to include breakfast. Being at the end of the road early in the season, Porto Pollo was very peaceful and we enjoyed a walk along the beach in the early evening sunshine before showering at the hotel and eating at the pizzeria.

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