Pallumbaggia to Pianottoli


Soon after leaving we saw a sign for a naturist campsite and wondered how they coped with les moustiques. We completed the loop back to the main road, stopping off for a paddle at Pallumbaggia beach. Thankfully the road was much quieter and we belted along the straight flat highway to reach Bonifacio by midday. Bonifacio is a small town devoid of outlying suburbs so we were straight into the centre. We bought some amazing bread for lunch then explored the town.

Most people seemed to be tourists, with two “road trains” working flat out ferrying them to and from the extensive citadelle. Bonifacio is wonderful and we spent three hours there. Then we shopped and left, camping at Pianottoli. We were dismayed to find we hadn’t yet left mosquito country and my bites were swelling and itchy, keeping me awake while more of the pests inflicted further damage. We spent part of the night trying to swat them.

Day 17: Pianottoli to Propriano