Roadside gathering.

I failed to work the nespresso machine, I have no idea how these things operate. There seemed to be only one way to insert the capsule but all it produced was hot water. We didn’t see a single cafe all day, they don’t seem to be part of the culture here, outside of towns. We would have appreciated one as it was the coldest day yet, a maximum of 10 degrees which felt colder in the stiff northerly breeze. This felt like a midwinter ride but we wouldn’t have cycled 100 km with 1400 metres of ascent at that time of year.

Tomorrow we’ll be in Poland, it’s a pity that our ride through the Czech Republic has been spoilt by unseasonably cold weather. It was too cold to stop for photographs but I couldn’t resist this little scene in a pretty village about 18 km before our destination of Opava. Christine refused to pose among them.

We checked in to Hotel Iberia and ate in their restaurant, we were too tired to consider alternatives and they fed us well.