Lerwick to Mid Yell

On The Yell ferry
On The Yell ferry

The warden allowed us to leave our tent behind for collection on our return as with all accommodation booked, we definitely won’t be needing it. We’ll have to make sure we remember to collect it though! The early fog soon cleared to sunshine but quickly returned. We knew there’d be no food shopping opportunities after leaving town so we bought the evening’s provisions at the co-op then hit the road. The light wind didn’t trouble us and the periodic bursts of sunshine were welcome.

We took the easterly road north as this was the sunnier side, featuring coastal views of smaller islands and fish farms while the bird life included curlews, lapwings and terns. We called in at Brae where the guest house also fulfils the function of a coffee shop. Our coastal route took us past the Sullom Voe oil terminal, the presence of which probably explains why the roads are so good, the old narrow routes with passing places having been abandoned and new straighter highways built in their place. There was little traffic though, and the drivers crossed completely over to the other carriageway to overtake. We missed the ferry at Toft by a couple of minutes but we were unconcerned as the frequency is every half hour, two boats sharing the run.

After landing at Ulsta, we took the alternative eastern route to mid Yell rather than the main road, enjoying superb sea views in the sunshine.  Cold cloud returned for the last few miles to Windhouse Lodge camping bod, where we lit the wood stove and cooked. It’s a basic hostel run by the Shetland Amenity Trust and comprising eight bunks. We were the only occupants.

Mid Yell to Saxa Vord