Disused border crossing

A straightforward day’s cycling along the Elbe path though into a brisk headwind. We were accompanied by a steamboat for most of the way, we were faster but it caught us up whenever we stopped for a break. Initially the landscape was fairly flat but about halfway along we entered the area known as Saxon Switzerland with massive cliffs on the opposite side. The railway ran alongside us on the latter part, busy with freight and passenger trains, which were a mix of two car units, three coach locomotive hauled and long international services like the one we took to Dresden which continues to Prague. All electrically powered.

We had to cross on the ferry to Hrensko, the river at this point being the border between Germany and the Czech Republic. The information warned us we’d have to show our passports but we didn’t, civilised Europe has eliminated such bureaucracy while UK is obsessed with it.

We walked back into Germany for dinner at the StrandGut organic restaurant which also offers its own Pilsner lager to accompany the food. Both were excellent.

Hike in Bohemian Switzerland