Day ride from Puerto Natales

This way to the end of the world
This way to the end of the world

Today’s forecast was for rain so I wore my waterproof socks right from the misty start, but it remained dry with even some warm sunshine in the middle of the day. Christine’s tyre had a slow puncture as she’d suspected, and it became spongy as we rode so I replaced the inner tube by a bus shelter before we turned off the main road.

It was a great ride after this, along a good surface on an alternative route to the Torres del Paine National Park. We’d have liked to have visited but such is its popularity that reservations are mandatory for camping in the park in the summer, and besides the forecast was not good. We didn’t have time to go all the way and had to return by the same route. As we re-entered Puerto Natales, that back tyre suddenly went flat. I found a tiny pin prick poking through her new Schwalbe Mondial tyre, hard to dislodge as I could barely feel it, and I wasn’t totally confident as I replaced the inner tube again and hoped for the best.

There’s no kitchen at our hospedaje so we dined out at Angelica’s again: folded pizza and salad followed by chocolate and banana cake and accompanied by Calafate Ale.

Punta Arenas