Coastal scenery
Coastal scenery

We were up at 06:30 and away at 08:00 on a cold grey morning with heavy rain forecast to arrive by mid afternoon. The route was hilly, steep descents to the coast followed by climbs up to ride inland for a while before plunging down again. Even the descents were hard, twisty with poor surfaces of gravel and numerous potholes. We also encountered a road resurfacing crew, a dour grim faced bunch. One of my ancestors was a roadmender, he was sentenced to 14 years and transportation to Australia for poaching where he later died.

We were tired by the time we reached Tarbert for lunch at 13:15, eaten on a picnic bench by the harbour. We shopped for food at the Co-op and in view of the weather forecast opted for the A83 to Argyll Backpackers rather than the 20 mile longer Sustrans route. There were some big wagons on the road but not too busy and only ten miles. The rain arrived soon after us, bang on schedule at 15:00.

Distance cycled :47 miles