2The weather forecast was accurate, the day began windy and wet and gales were forecast for the evening, an inch of rain for the day. We’d allowed some spare days in case we had to hole up against the elements but hadn’t expected to do so before we even started, and we were itching to hit the road. Two factors persuaded us to stay here another night. Having arrived late, we had to pay before leaving, which we couldn’t do until after 10:00, precluding an early start. And we’ve seen photographs of Lofoten, it’s beautiful and we didn’t want to battle through against wind and rain, Monday’s forecast was for calm weather with some sunshine.

Being Sunday, everything was closed but we’d anticipated that and bought sufficient food, squeezing it into our loaded panniers. We looked round the small fishing village in the rain and spent the remainder of the day restless in the hostel.

Stage 1