A day in Vienna

Alan, Christine, Thomas and Eva.

We walked to the nearby Cyclist cafe as a change from hotel breakfasts. It was attached to a hotel rather than the independent cafes run by cyclists that we’re used to but it was still good to see such a theme in a corporate environment. We spent the rest of the morning on admin tasks, mainly working out the interrail app and how to book bikes on Swiss trains, the most incomprehensible and expensive process of all the railway companies, costing us CHF 28 (about £25) between us for a journey of less than an hour.

We walked around the city in the afternoon, calling in on a cafe for drinks and cake, and admiring the beautiful architecture, being a big fan of Otto Wagner. In the evening we met Christine’s cousin Eva and her husband Thomas for dinner in a beer garden. Luckily Thomas speaks some English as our German is not at conversation standard.

Train to Mulhouse