Kirklinton to Carlisle

There’s not much to add here. The overnight rain had cleared for our short ride into Carlisle and we made straight for the Tourist Information Centre for the card stamping. We’d scheduled a rest day during this holiday but the weather had beeen so good that we kept on cycling each day – we’d decided to spend it in Carlisle to explore the city as we had bike reservations for the 13:05 on Monday morning. Though there was lots to see in the city, it seemed an anti-climax after such a wonderful cycling holiday, and when the rain came we agreed to head down to the station to try and get on an earlier train. The 12:15 Carlisle to Euston service was sitting in platform 3 so I sought out the conductor. No problem – we loaded the bikes and five minutes later we were hurtling along the track to Crewe for a connection to Bangor.